Is Kayaking or Canoeing Safe During Pregnancy | Benefits and Risks


Kayaking is a trendy outdoor pastime among numerous expecting mothers, but is Kayaking or Canoeing Safe during Pregnancy? While there is no straightforward answer, there are some essential factors to keep in mind when engaging in physical activities while pregnant. I’m here to give you details so you can decide whether going kayaking during pregnancy … Read more

How to Improve Kayak Tracking Quickly


While tracking is a simple concept, it can be difficult for many new kayakers to master. Fortunately, there are simple ways how improve your tracking skills quickly and efficiently. In the kayaking world, “tracking” refers to the control and steering of the boat, often ensuring that it remains bow-forward and in a straight line. Tracking … Read more

What Lights Are Required On A Kayak or Canoe At Night-Nighttime Kayaking

What Lights Are Required On A Kayak or Canoe At Night Kayaking at night has its own set of requirements. In this blog, we will learn what lights are required on a kayak or canoe at night for nighttime kayaking or Padding. You rarely want to come in while you’re out fishing, having a wonderful … Read more