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  • How to Improve Kayak Tracking Quickly

    While tracking is a simple concept, it can be difficult for many new kayakers to master. Fortunately, there are simple ways how improve your tracking skills quickly and efficiently. In the kayaking world, “tracking” refers to the control and steering of the boat, often ensuring that it remains bow-forward and in a straight line. Tracking […]

  • GPS Tracking for Kayaks & Watercrafts

    Kayaking is a fun way to explore local and distant waterways. It gives you a close-up view of nature while also providing some light exercise. Kayaking, as enjoyable as it can be, is an activity that comes with its own set of risks. GPS tracking for Kayaks & Watercrafts, such as personal portable GPS trackers, […]

  • What Is Tracking On A Kayak? Made Easy

    If you are a new kayaker, you may be wondering, “What is tracking on a kayak?” Those with a little more experience will recognize the importance of tracking. A kayak that does not track well is inconvenient because it requires a lot of effort to paddle. But what exactly is tracking? And how can you […]