Top 10 Best Kayak Brands For Beginners Buying Guide & Review

Top 10 Best Kayak Brands For Beginners Buying Guide & Review

If you’re new to kayaking, you might be wondering which kayak brand is best. There are numerous manufacturers on the market now that offer a variety of styles and types of boats for a variety of uses. Today in this blog post, we have discussed here our favorite Top 10 Best Kayak Brands For Beginners Buying Guide & Review so you may choose one that meets your needs!

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Each time I turn around, a new brand with a tiny variation on how things have been done for so long appears on the market.

Top 10 Best Kayak Brands For Beginners Buying Guide & Review

Although it is true that healthy attempts at invention can result in fantastic new goods, some of the top kayak businesses have built their reputations by doing things correctly for years.

Some businesses have opted to specialize in making kayaks for a particular function. Others have focused their efforts on developing a fleet of kayaks that will provide you with a variety of options regardless of the style of paddling you enjoy.

A Day Spent With Water Is Never Waste of Time…!

Top 10 Best Kayak Brands For Beginners

Best Kayak Brands Review

1. Perception Kayaks

Perception Kayaks -Kayak Brands

Many kayak guiding firms utilize Perception Kayaks because they build a highly stable boat. Most of their kayaks also have seats that can be flipped up or folded down, making it incredibly simple to put them up fast for rental or guiding.

Greenville, a North Carolina-based corporation has been in operation for more than 40 years. Their kayaks are all intended for convenience and comfort, and they are among the easiest to handle on the market.

2. Jackson Kayaks

Jackson Kayaks - Kayak Brand

Jackson Kayaks’ founder must have despised toggle-style kayak handles because all of their kayaks have molded handles instead. There’s less to break, and the production process uses less string.

In terms of the company’s beginnings, it was created in 2003 in Rock Island, Tennessee. Eric “EJ” Jackson and his business partner Tony Lunt founded the company to capitalize on Jackson’s experience as a designer and member of the Wave Sport Kayaks team.

Their kayak line offers a wide range of models for kayak fishing, whitewater paddling, and recreational use. Both sit on top and seats within designs are included. Jackson Kayaks is also one of the few kayak companies that use molded-in bucket seats rather than clip-in or foldable kayak seats. While your kayak is in storage, it is less likely to develop mildew or be attacked by pests.

3. Wilderness Systems

Best for Day Touring:

Wilderness Systems Kayak Brands

Because I own a Wilderness Systems Tsunami 125 for recreational and touring kayaking, this kayak brand is a particular favourite of mine. The Tsunami is a terrific touring kayak for bigger paddlers, but Wilderness Systems manufactures kayaks for various sorts of paddling.

Since 1986, the firm has been seeking kayak perfection, inspired by the types of natural perfection that can only be found by kayaking across rarely-traveled waterways.

Sit-on-tops and sit-insides for leisure paddling, sit-insides for touring, sit-on-tops for fishing, and tandem kayaks are all available.

While you’ll have to pick a model that fits your personality, they make kayaks for people of various ability levels. Furthermore, their kayak seat advancements make them among the most comfortable kayaks available.

4. Advanced Elements

Best For Inflatables:

Advanced Elements Kayak Brands

It’s a fantastic brand for novice and intermediate kayakers searching for high-quality boats at a reasonable price. Many Advanced Elements models have features that you won’t find on boats from other manufacturers!

Advanced Elements has been in business for a little over 15 years, and it was started by two innovators who set out to revolutionize the inflatable kayak market. If you’ve ever paddled an inflatable kayak, you’re well aware that they zig-zag a lot.

Advanced Elements’ kayaks outperform their inflatable competitors by stiffening the hull and using more extended rudder or skeg designs.

While we’re talking about more portable kayaks, we can’t leave out Advanced Elements. This firm specializes in high-end inflatable kayaks for a variety of paddling activities.

Kayaks for leisure paddling, day touring, adventure touring, kayak fishing, crossover paddling (flatwater and whitewater), and whitewater kayaking are all available.

They also manufacture the only long-distance inflatable kayaks I’ve ever seen. So whether you want to tackle the Inside Passage or whitewater on your local river, Advanced Elements has a kayak for you.

5. Vibe Kayaks

Vibe Kayaks

When compared to the first several brands on our list, Vibe Kayaks is a newer brand. They began in 2013 with the purpose of developing a more “affordable” fishing kayak for recreational fishermen.

Their kayaks are primarily intended for kayak fishing, although they also have a variety of designs for solo and tandem paddlers. Kennesaw, Georgia is home to the firm in part because of its unequaled access to some of the greatest bass lakes in the country.

Josh Thomas, an ardent kayak fisherman, started the firm with the tagline “No Drama, Just Adventure.” They made waves in the kayak fishing market at the time by creating the industry’s first sub-$1000 fishing kayak.

One of the most interesting aspects of this company is its endeavour to build a community around its kayaks. Once you’ve joined the “Vibe Tribe,” you’ll always be welcome in the community!

6. Old Town Canoes & kayaks

Old Town Canoes

Old Town canoes were first sold behind Gray’s Hardware Store in New York, and the firm was legally formed in 1903. While a canoeing fad swept the eastern United States in the early twentieth century, advancements in fiberglass molding technology in the 1960s allowed the firm to make its initial efforts in kayak manufacture.

Old Town Canoe and Kayak date back to 1898 as a canoe and kayak manufacturer. After being inspired by Penobscot’s famed canoe craft, A.E. Wickett created the company’s first boat.

Old Town also boasts one of the most comprehensive histories of any kayak manufacturer, thanks in great part to Susan Audette and the Tilbury House Publishers.

Old Town’s kayak range now mostly consists of fishing kayaks, although they also sell pedal-driven kayaks, sit-on-tops, sit-insides, and tandem kayaks. They also manufacture several unique canoe-kayak hybrids, such as the Sportsman Discovery Solo 119.

7. Hobie

Best For Pedal-Driven:

Hobie Kayak Brands

The Hobie is the ultimate pedal-powered performance. They also produce some interesting sailing kayaks that will assist you to tack back into the wind if you forget to read the weather report before going for a morning paddle.

This mechanism is one of the most energy-efficient pedal drives available. Instead of wearing out your arms and shoulders, scoot about your favourite body of water using those greater muscles in your legs.

Recreational kayaks, inflatable kayaks, fishing kayaks, and sailing kayaks are all available from Hobie. They all have one thing in common: Hobie’s excellent pedal-drive technology is either included or compatible with them.

They are established in California, but their kayaks are distributed internationally through a multitude of overseas subsidiaries. A Hobie kayak or sailboat may nearly be found in any water-centric community on the planet.

Hobie’s kayaks are also known for being among the most costly on the market, but this is due to the exceptional quality you get. There’s a reason why this great firm has been there since 1950.

8. Ocean Kayak

Best For Recreational:


Ocean Kayak was founded in 1971 in a backyard in Malibu, California. The initial concept was simply an old surfboard with two holes hollowed out for a seat and dive gear storage.

They also have a highly open cockpit design that is simpler to get into and out of for novices. One of the reasons why many bigger paddlers like an Ocean Kayak design is the open cockpit.

In the guiding industry, I’ve worked extensively with Ocean Kayak models in addition to Perception Kayaks. These kayaks are ideal for novices since they are extremely simple to handle and quite sturdy.

However, they make a few kayak fishing and tandem paddling versions. They also have one pedal-powered kayak in their inventory.

9. NuCanoe


Another new kayak company that focuses on fishing kayaks is NuCanoe. They’ve been operating since early 2006, and the firm is the brainchild of Ocean Kayak founder Tim Niemier.

It produces some of the greatest fishing kayaks available. We recommend checking out their selection if you want to get into kayak fishing.

Tim later teamed with Blake Young, the company’s current owner, in 2006. NuCanoe Inc. set out to design a kayak that could be adapted for practically any function imaginable as part of Tim’s ambition to put “a billion butts in boats.”

That’s exactly what they’ve done! The first goal with a NuCanoe is customization, and their models are effectively blank slates that provide the kayak fishing enthusiast the freedom to construct a system that meets their exact demands.

There are seven distinct kayak models in their lineup, all of which are compatible with a range of propulsion systems. Electric trolling motors, outboard motors, bow mount motors, pivot pedal-drive systems, their unique Torqeedo motor, and a classic kayak paddle are among the items on the list.

They also have a variety of seat designs and kits that you may use to modify, reinforce, or replace missing sections of your kayak’s original seat. If you lose a single screw anywhere, you won’t have to buy a completely new seat!

10. Pelican International Inc.

Pelican International Inc. - Kayak Brand

Pelican kayaks are regarded as being among the lightest leisure and fishing kayaks available. They can make their kayaks lighter and more flexible than the competition because of their patented RAM-XTM technology.

Pelican Sport is a division of the Pelican International Corporation. They really make a vast range of water sports paddle craft and accessories, including kayaks, paddleboards, boats, winter sleds, and practically every other item you can think of.

Smaller paddlers or those who don’t want to deal with carrying a hefty kayak onto their roof racks may appreciate their lightweight designs. They do, however, come with a number of handy characteristics that are particular to the kayak’s kind.

Models for fishing, leisure paddling, and day touring are all available in their comprehensive array of kayaks. Depending on your taste, they also have sit-on-top and sit-in kayaks.

Pelican has been in operation since 1968 and has evolved into a really worldwide powerhouse in the paddlesports sector over the last 50 years.

What are the most feature-rich kayak brands?

NuCanoe, Sun Dolphin LLC, Lifetime Products, and Perception Kayaks are the finest kayak brands based on features. They all have characteristics that are not seen on other boats!

We said in our assessment of “Sun Dolphin” that they manufacture some excellent beginner-friendly kayaks at a reasonable price. If you’re just getting started in the hobby, one of their models would be ideal!

“Lifetime Products” offers long-lasting kayaks that are ideal for individuals looking for a watercraft that will last for years! They are also inexpensive, making them excellent for individuals on a tight budget.

For those looking for fishing kayaks, “NuCanoe” is a great brand. Some of their models come with a plethora of accessories and fittings to assist you in catching the big one!

If you’re on a tight budget, “Perception Kayaks” is another great option. Their kayaks are of high quality and come at a reasonable price! Many Perception models include features that you won’t find on boats from other companies!

Buying Guide for Kayak Brands

So, which kayak brand is best for you? It is dependent on your individual requirements and preferences. If you’re still undecided, we recommend reading our post on the top 10 kayaks on the market today to choose one that fits your budget!

It is critical to consider the sort of paddler while purchasing a kayak. If you are a novice, a recreational kayak that is stable and easy to manoeuvre is recommended.

You’ll need a boat constructed expressly for such activities if you’re more experienced or want to undertake some serious whitewater rafting. The manufacturers mentioned above provide a variety of kayaks to suit any budget or ability level!


There’s a reason these are the top 10 kayak brands for 2022. They all make excellent kayaks for a wide range of paddling styles and ability levels. There are many various kayak brands available, each with its unique set of qualities that set it apart from the competition.

Our goal with this article is to help you learn more about the top 10 best kayak brands for Beginners, so you can pick the best one for you. We hope you found our blog on the top 10 best kayak brands for Beginners helpful and that you can use it to select the perfect kayak for you.

Thank you for sparing the time to read this article, We hope you will find these kayak paddling tips on how to paddle a Kayak without getting wet useful, and we wish you the driest paddling trips in the coming months.

Happy Enjoyable Paddling while Keeping Yourself Dry! 🚣🏻🎣

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