Best Top Picked Dog-Friendly Kayaks in 2024

Nature and dogs go together, like a dream, and there are few finer ways to enjoy time with your dog than in the wonderful outdoors. If you are in search of the Best Top Picked Dog-Friendly Kayaks in 2022, then you are at the right place. Paddling your dog may be a wonderful adventure.

We have also covered the guide about Types of Kayaks are Suitable for Dogs.

Long relaxing days on the lake or being your blossoming fishing buddy are two of your dog’s favorite pastimes. Some people even like the river’s waves and rapids.

There’s we have a detailed buying guide to assist you in selecting the best kayak for your four-legged companion.πŸ˜‡

Well, outdoor recreation has traditionally been a popular activity, but during the #COVID-19 pandemic, interest in sports such as biking and kayaking has skyrocketed.

Outdoor excursions are even more sought after these days, with so many limitations and worries around indoor activities, and kayaks give an easy method to socially remove oneself. Finding opportunities for dogs to participate in outside adventures is always desired by dog owners.

β€œMy Dog Is Not  JUST A DOG He Makes Me Happy All The Time. He's My Best Friend.

Man’s best companion is a dog. When things are rough, they’re loyal, kind, and always there for you. But what if your animal friend is more than a pet? What if they’re your constant companion, accompanying you on all of life’s journeys? In such a case, you’ll need to discover the ideal dog kayak!

You need to ensure that your dog will be secure before you consider taking them out with you. This begins with having a kayak that is appropriate for your selected area while also accommodating your dog. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best kayaks for dogs that we’ve found.

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How Do You Pick the Right Kayak for You and Your Dog? Important Things to Look for:

Best Top Picked Dog-Friendly Kayaks in 2022

There are so multiple kinds of kayaks available, and you must select one that can handle you, your gear, and your dog, as well as any other items your dog may require.

Will you spend more time fishing from the boat or just relaxing on a relaxed day?

Are there any special characteristics that you must have?

What size should it be so that your dog can get in and out of it without difficulty?

If you are looking to find the answer to the same questions mentioned above which come to your mind so this article will help narrow down your search for sure.πŸ‘πŸ»

Stability of The Kayaks

The length, breadth, and hull form of a kayak determine its stability. It’s also crucial to have a balanced weight distribution. It makes sense to have a broad kayak when your ballast is on four legs and wants to walk around. If your dog decides to investigate the fish, you’ll be less inclined to tip.

Capacity for weight

To begin, calculate the total weight of yourself, your dog, and all of your belongings.

It’s no secret that dog sizes and weights range from under 7 pounds for a Yorkshire terrier to over 175 pounds for a Great Dane.

Don’t load your kayak more than 70% of its maximum capacity, regardless of what the manufacturer claims. !!

When it comes to kayaks, there’s a simple guideline to follow to avoid overloading them.  If your kayak has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds, you should keep your weight below 350 pounds for the finest and most stable ride.

To know more about that, check out our article on Best Top Picked Kayak for big Buys.

Space of Dockyard:

Finally, think about where you can put your dog in a kayak and how comfortable it will be. Some dogs like to sit or lie down quietly, while others are more active and require more room. We chose kayaks with flat, open decks that can handle medium-sized dogs, as well as some larger canines.

Buyer’s Guide to Dog-Friendly Kayaks

Kayaking with your dog might be the healthy water activity you’re searching for!  Dogs, like people, like engaging in enjoyable activities. So, as a bonding experience, choose an activity that both you and your dog will like. Now that you’ve learned about our top 10 best kayaks for dogs, it’s time to learn about the best ones for your dog and the features you should look for.

The important step is to choose which style of kayak will be most suitable for both your dog and yourself.

To know more pls also read our guide about Types of Kayaks Suitable and not suitable for Dogs

Top 10 Dog-friendly Kayak Reviews

  1. Perception Tribe 13.5 Sit On Top – Best Overall
  2. Intex Excursion Pro Kayak – Best Value
  3. DriftSun Teton 120 – Premium Choice
  4. Ocean Kayak Malibu Two
  5. BKU TK122U Fishing Kayak
  6. Solstice Inflatable Kayak
  7. SeaEagle Inflatable Kayak
  8. Old Town Vapor 10
  9. Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11
  10. Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10-Feet

1. Perception Tribe 13.5 Sit On Top – Best Overall

Kayak Weight:79 pounds
Max Weight Capacity:500 pounds
Kayak Length:13’5”
Perception Tribe 13.5 Sit on Top Tandem Kayak

The Perception Tribe 13.5 Sit On Top Tandem Kayak is our pick for the finest overall kayak for dogs. This kayak has plenty of room for both you and your dog. It has two large resting places with adjustable backs for a comfortable paddle. There’s also a moulded middle seat for children or pets.

This kayak could possibly transport two people and their dog, depending on the size of your dog. The kayak can carry up to 500 pounds, so even large breeds may go out on the lake on it.

The Perception is easy to manoeuvre and drive, especially given its small size. Despite the fact that it has two carry handles, this kayak may be too heavy for one person to handle, especially when hoisting on top of a car.


  • There is sufficient of space for even the largest dogs.
  • In the water, it is simple to use.


  • It may be too heavy to carry and raise by one person.

2. Intex Excursion Pro Kayak – Best Value

Kayak Weight:39 pounds
Max Weight Capacity:400 pounds
Kayak Length:12’7”

The Intex Excursion Pro Kayak is our recommendation for the finest kayak for dogs for the money. This inflatable kayak is built of durable PVC material that is resistant to water damage. This similar toughness will help it withstand your dog’s claws.

The Excursion is easy to store and transport because it is inflatable, and it is light enough for one person to carry quite effortlessly. It swiftly inflates and has adjustable footrests for comfortable paddling. The rear seatback may be removed to provide additional space for your dog to lie down or stand.

Because it’s inflatable, it won’t last as long or be as sturdy as a hard-shell boat, but it still gives you a lot of bang for your dollars.


  • Rapidly expands
  • The rear booster may be removed to provide for extra dog area. It is simple to store and travel.


  • Long-term durability difficulties may arise.

3. DriftSun Teton 120 – Premium Choice

Kayak Weight:72 pounds
Max Weight Capacity:500 pounds
Kayak Length:12’2”
Driftsun Teton 120 Hard Shell Recreational Tandem Kayak

The Driftsun Teton 120 is more expensive than the rest of our choices since it is more robust and multifunctional. This kayak is designed for extended days on the lake or multi-day adventures, with several fishing rod holders, built-in cup holders, and lots of storage, including a sealed dry storage compartment.

The twin cushioned chairs and central seating area provide plenty of space for you, your dog, and maybe another human companion.

This kayak is wide and stable, so it can manage flat or rough water and give a smoother ride, making your dog feel more safe onboard. While it is lighter than some other hardshell kayaks, it may be difficult for one person to transport and load.


  • There’s plenty of room and storage.
  • Smooth and stable ride
  • Developed for longer trips


  • One person won’t be able to load and carry it.
  • A higher price

4. Ocean Kayak Malibu Two

Kayak Weight:57 pounds
Max Weight Capacity:425 pounds
Kayak Length:12”
Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

The Malibu Two is a sea kayak that can also be used on flat water like lakes and rivers. Your dog can easily hop in and out because to the low edges. There are two comfortable seats in the kayak, as well as a central spot for your dog.

Single paddlers, on the other hand, can sit in the middle due to the shape of the footrests. This boat has less storage room than the two hard shells we’ve already looked at, but it’s also less costly and lighter.

In the water, it’s broad and sturdy, and it handles nicely despite its size. Paddles are not included and must be purchased separately.


  • Single paddlers will find it simple to adjust
  • Entry and exit are simple
  • Paddles are stable and simple to use


  • Paddles are available individually
  • There isn’t as much storage

5. BKU TK122U Fishing Kayak

Kayak Weight:74 pounds
Max Weight Capacity:770 pounds
Kayak Length:12’6”

Because Fishing Kayak built to be extremely stable on the water, fishing kayaks are a fantastic choice for kayaking with dogs. The BKU TK122U has a very high maximum weight capacity, so you won’t have any problems transporting even the heaviest dogs.

It includes two dry storage compartments and nice aluminium chairs for paddling. The disadvantage is that the extra seat cannot be removed, but there should still be enough room for your dog.

Although this is a sit-on-top kayak, the inside is slightly deeper than others, which may make your dog feel more safe, particularly if you’re just getting started on the water together.


  • Exceptional weight capacity
  • In the water, it is quite stable
  • Seats are comfortable, and the cabin is spacious


  • Boat that is more pricey
  • The seats aren’t detachable

6. Solstice Inflatable Kayak

Kayak Weight:40 pounds
Max Weight Capacity:440 pounds
Kayak Length:11”
Solstice Inflatable Kayak

The Solstice is a sleek, easy-to-maneuver inflatable kayak that can be carried and paddled by a wide variety of persons. It’s simple to inflate and deflate, making it convenient to store and travel. This kayak’s bottom is sturdy enough to survive dog claw damage.

While the kayak can accommodate 440 pounds, it is roughly a foot shorter than the other kayaks we’ve examined, so kayaking with a large dog could be a little snug.

The seats are simple to shift around to find the ideal paddling spot and provide your dog plenty of space to spread out. This kayak is said to be steady in the water and quick enough to go through rapids (leave the dog @ home).


  • In the water, stable
  • Paddles are light and simple to handle
  • Inflate, carry, and transfer with ease


  • Little smaller comparatively other kayaks

7. Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak

Kayak Weight:32 pounds
Max Weight Capacity:650 pounds
Kayak Length:12.5”
Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak

Among the inflatable kayaks we tested, the Sea Eagle has the highest maximum weight capacity. The seats of this kayak are adjustable, allowing you to choose the best seating arrangement for you and your dog. It’s also long and big, with enough room for your dog.

It’s meant to transport three people. This boat inflates in about 10 minutes and collapses into a tiny package for simple transportation.

However, several customers complained that the chairs were not particularly firm, which made paddling less comfortable. In windy circumstances, this kayak, like many inflatables, might struggle.


  • Exceptional weight capacity
  • Plenty of room and all seats are moveable


  • Seats aren’t as strong as they should be.
  • Windy situations can be difficult to manage


The Sea Eagle is the ideal kayak for carrying and storage, assuring everyone’s comfort With two seats for both the user and the dog.

If you’re bringing a larger dog out on the lake, it’ll be fantastic, but if you’re taking two humans, you may experience some balancing and stability concerns.

8. Old Town Vapor 10

Kayak Weight:47 pounds
Max Weight Capacity:325 pounds
Kayak Length:10”

Although the Old Town Vapor is a sit-in kayak, the cockpit is spacious enough for your dog to join you. Behind the cockpit, there’s also a storage area that might be used as a dog’s sitting area. Despite the fact that this kayak’s maximum weight restriction is just 325 pounds, a large dog is unlikely to fit in it.

Kayaks with seats are frequently more secure to paddle in, and this is an excellent blend of security and space for your dog.

This kayak is light enough for one person to carry and handle as a single kayak. It’s also shorter, at 10 feet than some of the bigger tandem alternatives, making it simpler to store.


  • Smaller and lighter than a tandem kayak
  • It’s a Sit-in Kayak
  • Easier to transport and paddle


  • Interior space is somewhat restricted
  • The weight limit is 325 pounds

9. Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11

Kayak Weight:47 pounds
Max Weight Capacity:300-350 pounds
Kayak Length:11’ 6.5”
Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11

The Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 sit-on-top kayak is ideal for a variety of water conditions. Its Tri-Form hull is stable and manoeuvrable enough to handle ocean swells and surf without tipping, but it also tracks well on flat water such as a lake or a quiet river.

It doesn’t track fast, but it can handle everything you throw at it.
There are bungee cords for storage in the front and rear of the kayak (the back bungees would be a great place to put a cooler to store your and your dog’s water supply), but there is no interior storage.

The Cam Lock Hatch is the closest you can get, but it leaks as well, but don’t ever leave your cellphone inside it!

There’s plenty of legroom in the Comfort Plus seat for you to settle into a comfortable position while still leaving enough room for your dog! The Comfort Plus has a four-way adjustment to ensure that you’re in the most comfortable position possible for your all-day travels with your greatest canine companion!

Also because Scrambler is a sit-on-top kayak, you’ll almost likely get a little wet. If you’re going to be in chilly water, bringing a dry bag with you to store any extra clothing and towels is a good idea.

ou may secure it with the accompanying bungee cords to ensure that both you and your dog stay dry.


  • Enough room for you and your pup to sit properly.
  • Stability is excellent.


  • Insufficient storage
  • The top speed is a little modest.


The Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 is an excellent choice for a day at the beach or a leisurely excursion to the lake with your dog.

While it can manage both calm and turbulent waters, it moves slowly, so if you’re looking for a quick trip to your favorite vacation spot, another kayak could be a better option.

If you want to spend quality time on the lake with your best dog and just take in the landscape, the Scrambler is the boat for you.

10. Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10-Feet

Kayak Weight:44 pounds
Max Weight Capacity:250 pounds
Kayak Length:10”
10. Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10-Feet

The Sun Dolphin Bali comes in a variety of hues, making it a versatile option.

For a splash of color in the water, choose from blue, green, orange, crimson, or even pink. However, the Bali SS is more than just a pretty face; it’s also a fully functioning sit-on-top kayak, with enough capacity for a lone kayaker and enough for a dog upfront.

A P.A.C. (Portable Accessory Carrier) is included with the Bali SS kayak, which provides additional storage in the form of a backpack or a pull-along. Even with the dog’s minor movements, the 10-foot kayak provides constant and straight tracking.

In fact, the extra legroom in the front makes this an ideal vehicle for bringing your canine companion along. Furthermore, the front seating area does not detract from the enclosed and completely watertight storage compartment in the back. Aside from that, as a 10-foot kayak, it’s light and adaptable.

One thing to keep in mind is that the kayak is prone to tipping, especially at the Lyon entry. As a result, it’s critical that both you and your dog practice entering the kayak.


  • Available in 10 and 12-foot lengths
  • P.A.C. is offered
  • Plenty of legroom for you and your dog, as well as covered storage in the back.


  • With untrained pups, it’sΒ easyΒ to flip.
  • Drill holes that self-bailing can make you wet.


The Sun Dolphin Bali SS is available in two lengths: 10-foot (ideal for little dogs) and 12-foot (ideal for larger dogs!). If you select this kayak, just make sure you and your dog practice getting in and out so you don’t tip it over!

It’s the ideal kayak for individuals who need plenty of leg and storage space, with plenty of room in the front and watertight storage in the rear (and the addition of the P.A.C.).

Types Of Kayaks to Avoid When Kayaking with Dogs

Whitewater Kayaks:

White water kayaks, on the other hand, are not constructed with a dog in mind since they need the operator to manoeuvre the kayak with their entire body. To put it another way, they are exceedingly tight and leave no room for a dog. Not only that, but these kayaks are light and responsive to slight leans and shifts – far too responsive for a dog to be on board!

Sea Kayak:

Due to their form, sea kayaks are not normally suggested for dog lovers. They are often long with pointed ends, making them a smaller style of the kayak with limited space for two people.

Safety Consideration Before Kayaking with Your Dog, Here’s What You Should Know

Here’s some additional information to assist you and your dog enjoy your excursion securely now that you know more about the finest kayaks for paddling with your dog.

Choose the Correct Boat

When reading our kayak reviews, you may have noticed some recurring themes. Overall, the finest kayaks for dogs are spacious, sturdy, and capable of carrying a large amount of weight. The other amenities are mostly for your use rather than your dog’s, who is unlikely to notice whether or not you have a cup holder. Choosing the proper kayak is the first step in having a good water experience with your dog.

Get a life jacket for your dog

Get a Life Jacket FOR YOUR DOG

Your dog, like you, should wear a life jacket regardless of whether or not you know how to swim. Weather conditions can change suddenly, and a careless powerboat can send a perilous wake across your path, no matter how cautious you are. Even if you choose the most sturdy kayak, you run the risk of capsizing. Fit your dog with a life jacket to keep them as safe as possible.

Be Honest with Yourself About Your Dog’s Abilities

Regardless of how much you want your dog to be your adventure companion, not every dog is up to the task. If your dog has never exhibited an interest in water or is openly scared of it, kayaking is unlikely to be a fun activity for them. A dog who has never been near water, on the other hand, may turn up to be an excellent kayaker. If your dog is well-trained, socialized, and adaptive in general, it should be able to learn to be comfortable on a kayak.

Exercise Water Safety

When kayaking with your dog, follow basic water safety to keep yourself and your dog safe. Don’t go out on the water during or just before a thunderstorm. Avoid kayaking when inebriated. If you’re kayaking on a multi-use body of water, keep an eye out for powerboats and jet skis.

When it comes to where you paddle and fish, as well as leash requirements, follow all state and municipal guidelines.

Beginning on Dry Land

You didn’t learn to kayak overnight, and your dog won’t either. Take your time getting your dog acquainted with the kayak before taking it out on the lake. Place the kayak in a location where your dog will see it frequently and develop accustomed to it. Allow them to inspect the kayak and give them a reward if they climb in on their own. Choose a location for your dog to ride and begin teaching them how to settle there. Again, if your dog already understands basic obedience, the procedure will be a lot easier.

Begin Slowly in The Water

Once your dog is comfortable with the kayak on land, progressively transition to the water. Slow down and continue to use positive reinforcement to educate your dog on how to behave in the kayak if he appears stressed at any stage. Before attempting a longer journey, have them familiar and schooled on where to sit or lie in the kayak in shallow water.


What’s the best way to get my dog back into my kayak?
The majority of dog-specific PFDs have a carrying handle. Before going out on the water, we strongly advise you to put your dog in a PFD. Help them back into the boat by paddling alongside them, stowing your paddle, and assisting them. To maintain the kayak level, use your body weight.

Reach your arm under your dog’s front legs and hoist them into the kayak if they don’t have a PFD on.

Is it necessary to build a specific platform for your dog?
No. In the kayak, most dogs will find a comfy spot. Consider a waterproof bed or closed-cell foam if you want to make it more comfy for them.

Where can you go kayaking with your dog?
It could be almost anyplace. The majority of people avoid taking their dogs on whitewater or to the sea, but they may go wherever else. Begin by staying near to the beach and covered until you and your dog feel ready to venture further.

How can I train my dog to paddle in a kayak?

Get your dog used to being on the ground. Use snacks to pique their interest and make them feel at ease. Start out close to land and in protected water while you’re on the water. Allow your dog to investigate the kayak and become acquainted with it before going further from the beach.

Do I still need to be concerned about all of this even though I only have a little dog?
Yes. Although smaller dogs may be simpler to find a boat for, they should be adjusted and handled the same as larger dogs. They may not be able to tilt the kayak like a huge dog, but they are nevertheless susceptible to being startled. You want your dog to love kayaking just as much as you do.

In any case, I hope you found this essay informative and entertaining. If you discover something incorrect or obsolete (pricing not mentioned, as it is always changing. ), please leave a remark below and I will correct it as soon as possible. Thanks for reading this article.

Enjoy Kayaking! 🚣🏻🎣

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