How To Go Kayaking While on Your Period: Be Safe & Comfortable

Women who enjoy kayaking, often worry about How To Go Kayaking While on Your Period or their heavy days.

kayakideas always try to get all your queries resolved. If you take the necessary procedures to maintain comfort and hygiene, you can go kayaking while on your period.

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To avoid leaks, it is recommended to use feminine items like tampons or menstrual cups rather than pads. Bring additional materials, dress in dark colors, and take frequent restroom breaks.

keep reading to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of How To Go Kayaking While on Your Period and be Safe and comfortable in the sections that follow. You’ll also get some helpful advice on how to maintain your comfort.

How To Go Kayaking While on Your Period

How To Go Kayaking While on Your Period: Be Safe & Comfortable

Kayaking is a fantastic outdoor activity that has many advantages for women, including physical exercise and mental renewal. It’s a great way to get outside and enjoy the water, but what about that time of the month???

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Many people ask can we go kayaking while on our periods????

Of course, you can kayak while on your period. The trick is to be aware of potential leak points and, if necessary, use a pad or tampon with wings. Wearing an outer layer that resists stains is another option. If you use tampons, you should carry spares in case one overflows as a precaution.

Can You Go Kayaking While on Your Period

Anyone can go kayaking, as is stated in this guide on who can kayak. So kayaking is definitely possible while you’re on your period! Kayaking is a low-impact activity that is typically regarded as safe for women who are menstruating.

However, some women might feel uneasy or worry about leakage while kayaking during their period.

The good news is that menstruation women can kayak safely and comfortably with the right precautions.

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Kayaking and Periods: Some Useful Advice

How do you handle a paddling session while using a tampon if you’ve already made the decision to go out on the lake while having your period and doing anything remotely linked to paddling? Here are some pointers for enjoying yourself at sea to the fullest.

The advice in this article will help you feel secure, at ease, and confident while kayaking during your period.

Be Patient and Continue Paddling

Keep as calm as you can once you’re at sea because anxiety and tension might make your cramps worse. Try to concentrate on the fact that you are submerged in water since the pain could seem to be dissipating away from your body. Additionally, everyone else in a group likely has their own worries, so try not to bother them with yours if you’re in one.

Maintain Good Hygiene

When kayaking during your period, maintaining good hygiene is crucial. Make sure to fully clean and wash yourself before leaving.

Keep some biodegradable soap on hand for handwashing and a tiny travel-sized bottle of water in your bag. Remember to wash your hands both before and after inserting a menstrual cup. You can manage your period effectively while kayaking without worrying about leaks.

Be Prepared To Go For Kayaking

Choose the Right Products For Your Kayaking Trip:

Choosing the appropriate menstruation products is essential for both comfort and safety.

Always make sure you have everything you need and that it is easily accessible in case you weren’t wearing it all day: If this is your first time kayaking, bring an extra top or bottom, a spare tampon or pantyliner, and a hand towel to dry off with when you come back to the boat. Bring a change of clothing with you just in case.

Know Your Body: Take a Break

Pay attention to the signals from your body. If you get cramps or feel uncomfortable, take pauses as necessary. Pace yourself by your body’s signals. Gentle stretching exercises can also be used to relieve pain.

Although being on the water might provide excellent physical comfort, you could discover that your cramps are still as bad as if you were sitting at home. As with any other time, it’s critical to be honest with yourself about what you can and cannot handle throughout a period.

If it’s bad, you may decide to postpone your appointment or choose one that is shorter. There is no rhyme or reason to how much pain one person feels over another, so don’t worry too much if yours doesn’t match up to what others say they suffer.

If it was OK yesterday, it might be OK again today.

Be Aware of Chills

On the water, it’s simple to become cold, and if your period has already made you feel hot and irritated, a chill might make you feel really bad. If you’re heading outside in cool or cold weather, it’s a good idea to bring warm clothing with you.

What Are The Best Feminine Hygiene Products For Kayaking While on Periods?

The vast majority of women have a beloved feminine hygiene product. In some cases, you may need to try another brand to ensure complete protection from leaks or discomfort while kayaking.


The obvious advantage of tampons is that they are secure enough to wear while swimming or paddling over rapids.

Tampons shouldn’t be worn for longer than eight hours, but because you’ll undoubtedly need to use the restroom before that, it shouldn’t be a major deal.

Additionally, they come in a variety of absorbencies and small designs that may be simpler to fit in your kit bag.

Amazon Basics Organic Tampons with Bio-Based Plastic Applicator, Light-Regular-Super Absorbency Multipack- Unscented

Amazon Basics Organic Tampons with Bio-Based Plastic Applicator, Light-Regular-Super Absorbency Multipack- Unscented

Hospeco Tampax Tampons for Vending Dispenser in Vending Tubes,

Hospeco Tampax Tampons for Vending Dispenser in Vending Tubes,

Menstrual / Sanitary Cup

These adaptable cups are made to collect and keep menstrual blood till they are taken out and cleaned.

It does take some getting used to using a menstrual cup, so prepare by practicing before you are stranded far from home.

The majority of people discover that they need to empty their cups less frequently than they need to change their tampons, which may be advantageous if you enjoy taking long kayaking expeditions.

Intimina Lily Cup Size A – Ultra-Soft Menstrual Cup, Reusable Period Protection, Thin Menstrual Cup for up to 8 Hours, Medical-Grade Silicone Women’s Period Care

Intimina Lily Cup Size A - Ultra-Soft Menstrual Cup, Reusable Period Protection, Thin Menstrual Cup for up to 8 Hours, Medical-Grade Silicone Women’s Period Care

Sanitary Napkins or Pads

Sanitary pads are frequently the first choice for women who are unable to wear other forms of protection for a variety of reasons.

Wearing waterproof clothing or changing your kayaking style for this trip can help.

A pad is useful while kayaking, but it raises the possibility of getting wet if you fall out of your boat or are likely to be splashed due to the water conditions.

Poise Incontinence Pads & Postpartum Incontinence Pads, 5 Drop Maximum Absorbency, Long Length, 128 Count

Poise Incontinence Pads & Postpartum Incontinence Pads, 5 Drop Maximum Absorbency, Long Length, 128 Count

TENA Incontinence Liners for Women,
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TENA Incontinence Liners for Women, Very Light Absorbency, Extra Coverage, Intimates

Period Proof Panties

These perform the same functions as a set of underpants and pads. As they may be reused, they are also environmentally friendly. These aren’t waterproof, just like the disposable pads.

Period-proof underwear has the benefit of protecting you from the risk of an adhesive pad losing its stickiness in water.

If you need to switch to a fresh pair of underwear while traveling, you might also need to make plans to bring dirty underwear home.

Hanes Women’s Comfort, Period Underwear Briefs, Leak-Protection Panties

Hanes Women's Comfort, Period Underwear Briefs, Leak-Protection Panties

How Should Period Cramps Be Handled While Kayaking?

It might be difficult to control period cramps and other symptoms while kayaking, However, you may still enjoy your time on the water with a little planning and caution.

Here are some suggestions for controlling menstrual cramps when kayaking:

Consider Bringing Over-the-Counter Painkillers: If you’re going on a trip, you might want to carry some over-the-counter painkillers with you, as advised by your healthcare professional, if you feel cramping or discomfort. Always adhere to the dose recommendations.

Use Warm Therapy: Apply a portable heat pack to your lower belly if it’s possible. Heat helps alleviate cramping pain and relax muscles.

Maintain Hydration: Dehydration can make cramping worse, so take lots of water with you on your kayaking adventure. Keeping hydrated can help with some pain relief.

Dress Comfortably: Don’t restrict your abdomen by wearing tight-fitting, uncomfortable clothing. By doing this, cramps’ pressure and discomfort may be lessened.

Rest A Little: Plan to take breaks throughout your kayaking excursion. You’ll be able to stretch and move around while doing this, which will help you feel better.

Do Light Exercise: Even while kayaking is a type of exercise in and of itself, you may want to warm up and cool down with some light stomach and lower back stretches. This can enhance blood flow and lessen cramping pain.

What To Wear To Go Kayaking While on Your Period

It’s crucial to choose practical, comfortable clothes that can withstand any menstrual flow when kayaking during your period.

Following are some suggestions for what to wear:

Choose The Material That Dry Quickly: Pick clothing composed of quick-drying materials that can withstand becoming wet, such as nylon or polyester.

Sports Clothing: Sports clothing, like yoga trousers or leggings, can be relaxing and useful for kayaking.

Use Dark-Colored Garments: Wear dark-colored clothes, for instance, black or navy blue, to hide any menstrual stains.

Backup Clothing: Pack an extra set of cozy clothes in case you need to change during or after your kayaking trip.

Additional Advice To Go Kayaking While on Your Period

Pick a Well-Known Route:

Picking a familiar route that you’ve paddled before is a smart option if you’re new to kayaking or kayaking while on your period. This will put you at ease and let you concentrate on having fun rather than worrying about getting about.

Keep Wildlife in Mind:

If you’re kayaking in an area with sensitive environmental conditions, be sure to follow the rules for disposing of menstruation products properly.

Consult Your Healthcare Professional:

If you have any questions or concerns about kayaking during your period, it is a good idea to speak with your healthcare practitioner. They can offer you individualized guidance and suggestions.

Select Quiet Waters:

To reduce the chance of capsizing or falling out of the kayak, choose peaceful and soft waters, such as a lake or a slowly flowing river.

Is It Possible To Postpone Your Period Before Your Kayaking Trip?

Using some hormonal birth control techniques, such as hormonal birth control pills or hormonal intrauterine devices (IUDs), you may be able to postpone your period.

It’s crucial to remember that these techniques are not always risk-free and should only be used under the supervision of a healthcare professional because changing your menstrual cycle may have dangers and adverse effects.

Talk to your doctor about your options if you’re thinking about delaying your period before a kayaking trip so you can assess the potential advantages and dangers and select a strategy that is both safe and efficient for you.

Does Workout Impact Your Menstrual Cycle?

There is no proof that exercising, including kayaking, has an impact on a woman’s menstrual cycle.

However, particularly for highly skilled athletes, hard exercise can alter hormone levels and may affect the regularity of menstruation.

The majority of women’s menstrual cycles are not expected to be significantly impacted by kayaking. Some women may discover that regular activity, like kayaking, helps them regulate their cycles and lessen the discomfort of menstruation, such as cramps and bloating.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that stress, disease, and other things can also affect menstrual periods, so pay attention to your body and get medical help if you see any unusual changes or inconsistencies.

Pros & Cons of How To Go Kayaking While on Your Period


Exercise: Kayaking is a fantastic exercise that can ease the pain and cramping associated with menstrual periods. Exercise can cause endorphins, which are organic painkillers, to be released.

Distraction: Kayaking can be a great way to distract yourself from period symptoms and give you a mental vacation from any discomfort or mood changes.

Products for maintaining period hygiene, like tampons and menstrual cups, are readily available.

Relationship with Nature: Kayaking enables you to experience a sense of connection with nature and the tranquility of aquatic bodies. This association may improve your general well-being and lessen the tension connected to your menstrual cycle.


There aren’t many drawbacks to kayaking during your period. The first is that during your journey, you’ll need to apply for greater protection. The next concern is that the blood can spoil your clothes if it gets on them. Last but not least, this might be a little inconvenient for some people, particularly if they don’t have another option or a change of clothes.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that every person’s experience is different, so finding the right schedule for you may need some trial and error. The task is to maintain your comfort level.

If you feel comfortable doing it, you shouldn’t avoid kayaking while you’re on your period. The risks are insignificant as long as you use sufficient protection. This is a fantastic way to go for some physical activity, spend time outside, and have fun.

We hope this blog post has helped you on How To Go Kayaking While on Your Period: Be Safe and comfortable. Be sure to check out our buying guide below for more information on how to choose the right kayak for you.

Have fun kayaking, and take good care of your hygiene and well-being!🎣🚣🏻

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