How to go Kayaking With Your Feline Friend – Cat

How to go Kayaking With Your Feline Friend – Cat

So, Are you planning on taking your Feline Friend – cat kayaking and venturing off dry land, is that right? 🚣🏻🐈

That’s fantastic! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» kayak ideas brought you the guide on how to go Kayaking With Your Feline Friend (Cat).

Water sports are a lot of fun to do with your cat, whether it be kayaking, canoeing, or even stand-up paddle boarding!

By the way who said dogs should only pleasure themselves?πŸ•

How to go Kayaking With Your Feline Friend (Cat)

Many cats don’t like to just snooze on a window sill while the family goes kayaking. You can bring your feline companion (cat) along on outdoor adventures with you if you put a bit (OK, perhaps a lot) of effort into preparing.

“When you see cats trekking, climbing, and camping, you might believe that you could do such things with your dog. However, you can also do it with your cat. People simply stare at you strangely more now.”

Did you know the vast majority of cats enjoy kayaking along with their owners??

You can kayak with your cat if they are at ease around the water.

Although it’s a common misconception or myth that cats dislike water, some of them truly do. Your outdoor excursions can be spiced up by going kayaking with your cat! But keep in mind that not all cats are suitable for it. Some cats may experience extreme trauma and stress when near or in the presence of water.

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Also keep in mind that even though your cat may not like water when they only dip their paws in, they may not appreciate the experience of being out on a boat in the middle of the water.

You must practice getting used to the kayak and the concept of being on the water before you can paddle with your cat. Additionally, we advise that you outfit your cat with the safety equipment they require for use on the water.

The most crucial factor in kayaking with your cat is that you must feel at ease in the kayak. We strongly advise against bringing your cat along if you’re kayaking for the first time or feel anxious when paddling by yourself.

According to Moss, will serve as a resource for cat owners looking to find out how to bring their cats camping without risk. This contains details on anything from fundamental training and harness fitting to figure out whether your cat even has the personality needed for these kinds of activities.

Additionally, there will be biographies of cats and their humans who have perfected the art of taking extraordinary travels. Additionally, Moss hopes the website will aid in dispelling unfavorable myths about cats and their owners, and perhaps even encourage more adoptions.

Posts depict cats enjoying themselves in canoes and kayaks, relaxing in hammocks at campsites, drinking from mountain streams, and riding in backpacks.

Although cats are sometimes stereotyped as being sluggish and aloof, there are actually many badass felines who will accompany you on hikes, climb mountains, and even go swimming, according to Moss. These are the cats that deserve special attention.

However, there are certain preparations you’ll need to make before grabbing your cat and getting in the kayak.

Kayaking With Your Feline Friend – Cat

Start Your Adventure With Your Feline Friend – Cat

Moss had already taught her cats a few basic commands before ever allowing them outside. She most importantly trained them to respond when their names were called.

“More people are aware of dog training techniques than cat training techniques. However, there aren’t many differences “she claims. “The first time I took them outside, I was hesitant. I intended to teach them to come if they slipped out of the leash or became frightened and escaped.”

Before You Go

It’s not advisable to go kayaking for the first time ever just to take your cat along. You don’t want to be attempting to control the kayak and watch out for your cat at the same time.

Cats have the ability to detect your level of anxiety. Prior to taking your cat kayaking, it’s crucial that you are comfortable with the activity so that you can make them feel secure. Try taking your cat on a hike near still ponds or lakes to check whether they are at ease around water.

Although it is normal for your cat to be frightened of water, over time your cat may grow accustomed to it. Never force your cat into the water; let them enter on their own. If not, they can sustain scars and never be secure around rivers.

Paddling can have risks, such as capsizing, so it’s crucial to be ready and know what to do if you find yourself in the water. Before you get out on the lake, we advise learning what to do in these circumstances and practicing it.

Also, go on your own a few times to get used to things first. When you do that, taking your cat out with you will go a lot more smoothly.

Prepare Your Cat For Being With Water

Some cats may find the sound of rushing water and any accompanying wind unsettling. You should make sure your cat is at ease around water before getting in a kayak.

Take your cat to a nearby stream, river, pond, or lake to explore the area close to the shore. If at all feasible, start with a small body of water. As with adventure training in general, it’s crucial to go slowly and praise your cat for showing bravery in these novel situations.

Don’t give up if your cat shows signs of fear at first. Cats frequently experience anxiety in novel circumstances. Try again. It can take several trips to the water for your cat to feel secure there.

  1. Get the equipment!
    A life jacket is the biggest new piece of equipment you’ll require for water adventures with your cat. Numerous dog life jackets in the small and extra-small sizes are suitable. They might not be a great fit, but they will still do the job.

The Lyra Cat and the Baltic are two life jackets made especially for cats if you want to spend some money on high-quality gear.

The Ideal Cat Gear For Kayaking

Leash & Harness for Your Cat

While many people feel quite at ease on the water, our kitties need to feel at ease with us before we start kayaking.

As a result, we advise that you get the proper harness for your cat and train it first.

We advise keeping your cat tethered on a shorter leash when kayaking.

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